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Anne Frank


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Welcome to My Homepage


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Some of my story

    • I'm a singer-songwriter, and I've been writing songs for years 
  • I saw myself singing with a microphone from the age of six.
  • Since 1987 I've visited several music bars and cafés in Århus City, where I've worked with a lot of great pianists.
  • In 1988 I found myself so occupied with music that I finally made the decision to try this thing out full time.
  • Over the years I've formed bands that stretch through the following genres: old standards, jazz and soul, and rhythm and blues.
  • One year I acted and sang in Århus Studenterrevy.
  • I also had the funny and lovely experience singing and acting in the musicals: "Den lille prins" and "I guder".

Through the years I've stored a lot of good songs in my drawer, songs in varied genres.

Now I want to expose one of my own songs to the world, my pop song, "True Love". I hope you may find it enjoyable.



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